Prince restaurant is situated in Kamari, one of the most famous Santorini's beaches

Prince Restaurant – Lounge Bar is located in Kamari, one of the most popular beach resorts in Santorini, and is only a few meters from the sea.

10 km southeast of Fira and close to the National Airport, the seaside village of Kamari is at the foot of the imposing Mesa Vouno mountain, where the archaeological site of Ancient Thera is located. It is easily accessible by bus departing from Fira and the other villages of the island, while Prince Restaurant provides you with free parking 500 seats where you can leave your vehicle.

The village was named after a small arch (Kamara), which still rises to the south end of the beach and is from an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Neptune. Today it stretches along a beach covered with black pebbles, which is the largest of Santorini. The beach extends in the southwest direction from Monolithos to the foothills of Mesa Vouno mountain, which is about 400m high, and is the second highest peak of Santorini. The modern Kamari boasts a thriving tourist location, offering all the comforts that the visitor seeks as well as many water sports activities.